MRI scan

Early this week I have been to a MRI scan of my head. Had even this contrast in my bloodstream for better pictures and I had to change the surface I was lying on during the scan prosess.

I supose I have to get used to these scans as this lady asked me why I haven’t been for many years for a scan. That is up to the docters, I was asking for follow ups, but… Not until I had another attac as they call it when the MS have its outbursts, and I was very conserned about it they had me checked up again.

I am awaiting for further apointments in hospital and maybe start medication.

I feel tired and worn out, but that can also be my PTSD because of the other traumas in my life.

After the trauma treatment and I started to get in touch with myself and my feelings. The MS has caused me confused and literally frustrated! I don’t know how this really are suposed to feel like. Hot or cold, soft or hard etc… Unfair!

I’ve started to recieve the magazine for us with MS so I can learn more about the disease I have to live with for the rest of my lifetime. Under links and about me you can find more about MS if you want to know.

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