Last days of trauma treatment for this time

Ten weeks of trauma treatment for sexual abused people is coming to an end. It has been though and all through an experience I wouldn’t wished to be without with the history I am living with.

I wonder what makes people be so cruel to children? Caused so many to be so traumatized for life. Grown ups that don’t even bother to stop it? They know it is wrong, still yet let it continue and let children suffer under abuse. These people have fatal errors on their brains. Just look at my tread about my traitors… How many COULD had stopped it, but didn’t? I wonder why? …

Only one day left with treatment for this time. Then I go home and start regular with psyciatrist once a week. There will be another challenge there, as my terapist is male for the first time. … And another round in the court…

I wished I could had had a different life and history, but sadly I don’t… I know it could had been worse and it could had been better, but this was and is my life… I am a survivour of sexual abuse and learning to live with that history…

I can highly reccomned this treatment for sexual abused people. You will have to want the help and be ready to work hard for 10 weeks and open up all the scars of the history. Treatment with therapist before you go and after is important to get the best results.

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