At Trauma treatment…

I’m almost done with 6 weeks of trauma treatment for traumatized sexual abused people. It feels like 6 years… I’m so worn out. I’ve digged so deep in my past, and I still struggle to face the hardest part of the abuse… I’ve fallen apart at least 3 times so far and almost done a runner and quit… The quiting part was a wakeup call. I’m still here and aim to complete and stand the time of all 10 weeks here.

I am here of my own free will. I applied on my own behalf and even before I reported him to the police, 2 years ago. If I leave before the 10 weeks I let down myself, my son and all my supoters around the globe, I simply just can’t do it. I’ve got to stand the storm for myself, I’m a fighter ❤

… I've found ways to give myself breathing space. Keeping things at distance just for a shortwhile helps in the long run. Dissosiation is still my best friend ❤

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