The eyes that sees but don’t want to know? …

I have been thinking back to all these times when I have been telling people of who did me wrong and how. How can someone deny to see the written: «Fatal Error in his Brain have sexualy abused me for many years and used treaths against me to kill me or worse…» … This was back in the year of 2000 and 2003, and now how come I wasn’t put in jail for naming him in public on the internett? As of what I know that would had been a criminal offence? … Or reporting him to the police for the offence he had comitted towards me?

People ask today because of the cases that get brought up in daylight with living proof of abuse by pictures and even sick video reccordings :-O «How come not have reported before?» … Because people deny to believe in one that tells the truth and don’t dare to care… The only person that apologized for not had belived in me was my little brother. He is the biggest man of all out there. He had guts to admitt it ❤ … I've missed someone to come forward to apologize for not had dared to reported him before I did…

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2 svar til The eyes that sees but don’t want to know? …

  1. Janne Helen sier:

    » There isn’t anything that should be different, it is as it is, and in the moment we have, there is a treasure that stares us in the eyes if we choose to see it». Randi B. Noyes

  2. Janne Helen sier:

    I add to this I did try twice report it to the police while at college in 2002, but they only wrote my name and number on a note and told me they would call me back… Action speaks louder than words… I could been somewhere else today if they done their job, so it has a big impact one peoples lives when people don’t care…

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