New Years and Trauma treatment

Want to wish you a very happy new year ❤

I've had a fantastic Christmas with my son ❤ Had two extra days with my son due to no trains on boxing day so instead of paying expencive taxi to the airport I paid same amount to stay longer with my son ❤ Best Christmas ever ❤

Now I am getting ready for the 10 weeks of trauma treatment at Betania Malvik ❤

The case had got brought in for the next courtround, but no date has been set yet. My lawyer will see it won't crash with my rehab.

Take care and keep enjoying life ❤

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Ett svar til New Years and Trauma treatment

  1. Janne Helen sier:

    Thank you both of you ❤

    Yes we werw very happy together ❤ Now he is spoilt and wants me more and more all the time. Spoke with him this morning ❤ He so lovely and joyful ❤

    I am looking forward to rehab and the time I spend up there. Hope it will bring a better life for me after that.

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