I have to get on from this…

I have moved one, by one problem out of my life… Entangled into eachother one of the problems. The relationship with my ex husband and the abuse from my brother.

If you still have doubts about the whys’ I have left my son with a rapist. Yeah he raped me too on our meeting the first time. … The psyciatrist that was to help me with the absue, pushed me on into a relationship, saying «get on with life and get a relationship» … I didn’t wanted this realtionship. I feel just plaied with like a doll from the public helpers. I asked for help not more problems…

I can not and will not bend or stand down on my choise. In leaving my son with the rapist. I had to think of my son and where he would have it best at the time being. I first had to move the problem with my ex husband and get the divorce. The way I got it wasn’t how I saw it coming, but it was at help anyway my first Fiancee came into my life, just to see him leave again… I had to move the abuse problem. And now I have gone through the court. The next step is rehab and be the best mother I can be. I have to get back to working life again. I do not wish or want to be in a relationship again…

I couldn’t take care of my son and that is a though thing to swallow and bear with me… I love him very much ❤ I have to get back on my feet for his sake and my own. First and foremost I have to stand for ME ❤

Dette innlegget ble publisert i Janne Helen's life. Bokmerk permalenken.

Ett svar til I have to get on from this…

  1. lillevinkel sier:

    vet du, det er bare sånn det måtte bli, ingen i hele verden har rett til å dømme deg for de valgene du har tatt og tar !
    DU ER EN STERK MAMMA, fordi du så at du ikke ville klare å ha omsorgen alene !!
    det står det respekt av, å selv om han er en dårlig kjæreste så kan han likevel være en god pappa ❤

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