Letter To The Abused

Dear Abused…

I apologize that you get the letter last, but I do it intentionally for you so you can be left with the good feeling that you are the ONE that deserve the suport and attention right now. Because I know you don’t want that attention, but you need it deeply. It has been you that been tortured, picked at, stepped on and run over. Biiiiig hugs to YOU 🙂 You have had to stand against so tremendously much, without been heard or seen. You are strong, you are something, you are YOU  🙂

If you still sit alone with the encroachments and haven’t get to cut free, then there is many alternatives out there. A friend a neighbour, someone at achool, someone at work, your doctor, a phoneline for abused, crisis center, yes a person you can confide in. Are you strong enough go to the police, don’t doubt yourself and your truth. It is hard but there is help you have to believe that you can get your freedom back again! Think about yourself! It is your life, you are in charge now!

The situations you experience is diferent, but the experience gets the same. Fear, anger, your no stolen away from you, force, sorrow, distrust, empthiness etc…

You don’t have to let yourself get tortured and stepped on. He/she are not allowed to do this towards you. Touch you that way, you are a child! Adults shouldn’t do this towards you! Another adult shouldn’t harras another adult in such way against their will either.

Extremly happy and priviliged you are here and you are YOU 🙂 I care even though I am not there with you now!

Someone abused by her own brother…

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