Letter To Bystanders And Gets To Know

Dear Bystander And Who Gets To Know…

It might be with fear you sit with knowledge about a criminal offence, but you shall never let yourself be stopped by fear. You have a duty to help the one that has been victimzed by the criminal offence. First and foremost get the victim away from the abuser, then get proffesional help for the victim and make sure the victim don’t get in touch with the abuser again. Also make sure that the victim don’t get back to the crime scene where the abuse have taken place.

Remember trust is hard for me. Maybe you are the first one that get to know. Take yourself time to listen and dare to ask enough questions as long as I am willing to talk about it. Remember I have been exposed for force so you can not go too fast forward with me. Get enough information about all the circumstanses. Treaths, forced situations etc… Things that can put the situation in danger of chaos and catastrophy when you are going to help me away from abuser and crime scene.

Make sure that the abuser get in touch with the right institutions so he don’t abuse anyone else. Keep him/her away from the victim.

Take your time to listen, take your time to care, take your time to show you don’t understand, but show that you are there. Ask as much as you can, what, who, how, why, etc. Hold around the abused and show her/him you care, on their terms of course.

Dare to care. I am an abused that had to shut up, stand up for all the hurt until it overflowed by itself. I wished there had been one caring enough, but now someone else can get the chanse I didn’t get…

About Jane Helen

40 year old and single. Have a 15 yr old son that live in England with his father and family there. Got MS and PTSD.
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