Less than one week!

It is coming closer the day I have been fighting so hard for to come. 24 years of my life and only 1 single day is to deside how much it was worth…

Will the future show me that it was worth it? Or will it just show like most of my life nothing counts? I supose it is up to me to find out and put and set them boundaries. Because it is really MY life, noone elses and noone elses buisness really…

I have been thinking of what he has done to ME, MY BODY AND MY MIND. Stolen away from me, the thief as my last poem posted says. And to those who got to know and so denial and refusing to see and stop it was…

I have one week to preapre and get it all ready, but if it was happening right now I would be ready anyway. I am ready, and hope to see that day!

Am baking apple cake today. Will do some more baking at the weekend. And try finish them curtains for my bedroom… Yeah still THAT slow…

Thank you THANK YOU my friend, for still hanging around me with the knowing fact I am a bit stressed and not so easy to hang around ❤

Have a nice weekend my friend ❤ Take care ❤

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