Court case coming

From 18.08.2010

I have just come back from two days of rehab and it was splendid 🙂 Look forward to the 10 weeks now 🙂

Finally they manage to set a date for the court case too! … But due to the hardness to find a lawyer for the abuser it might still change… He has changed 3 times allready and this time he might have to change yet again…

I have got curtains up in the livingroom now, only the bedroom left. After I had an uninvited guest outisde the livingroom, a huge boat I had to put the curtains up in a rush that evening! I have cut ready the other curtains, just not qute ready to put them up yet… Lack of energy in body and mind.

It is though reading about yourself in public… Especially when the truth don’t come out… I will be thinking about that, to tell it now or after the case is over.

I have started back at work stitching now. The sewing of pillowcase went wrong so I had to take a brake from it, basically because the whole frame was haltered. But I will correct it and finish it asap I feel ready for it. Right now soooo much on my mind…

Hope you have a good week my friend ❤

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